Allardyce threatens legal action against FA

Allardyce threatens legal action against FA

Former England manager Sam Allardyce could take legal action against the Football Association (FA) over its response to the newspaper “sting” operation that resulted in him losing his job.

Allardyce, 63, was in charge of the national team for only 67 days, leaving the post after an undercover Daily Telegraph operation found he had offered advice on how to “get around” FA transfer rules.

He made 25 complaints about the Telegraph’s story to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, which found in favour of the newspaper on 22 of those points. The regulator said the undercover operation was justified in the public interest.

It upheld complaints related to a suggestion that Allardyce had implied third parties could benefit from transfer fees, when he had made it clear that they could not take any part of them.

“Had the FA stuck to their word and waited to see the Telegraph’s evidence as they originally told me they would, they would have seen that the allegations made against me were false,” Allardyce said in a statement.

“It was of course the allegations about third party ownership that the FA stated were the reasons for my leaving.

“It was clear that those that I was dealing with were more concerned with their own image than getting to the truth of what had occurred. I will consider my position in this regard with my lawyers.”

Allardyce, in charge of England for only one match, a 1-0 World Cup qualifying victory in Slovakia, returned to management at Crystal Palace before a spell at Everton.

“I waited many years to be England manager and believe I would have made a success of the position,” he said.

“It took me a long while to recover from the disappointment of losing the position I’d worked so hard for because of stories that I knew were false.”