Football Game Preview: Spanish Springs vs. Nevada Union

Football Game Preview: Spanish Springs vs. Nevada Union

On Friday, Spanish Springs is packing up and heading on the road for the first time this season. They face off against Nevada Union at 7:30 PM. Spanish Springs has the odds in their favor, so they’ll need to guard against complacency.

Spanish Springs ended up a good deal behind California when they played last Saturday. Spanish Springs is ranked 26th in the state ( 138 spots ahead of California), so the loss was all the more frustrating.

Meanwhile, Nevada Union had to kick off their season with an away game, and unfortunately wound up with a long bus ride home. They were given a punishing 0-39 defeat at the hands of Yuba City. Nevada Union were down by 0-27 at the end of the third quarter, which was just too much to recover from.

With both teams hitting sour notes in their previous games, they will no doubt be looking to produce a better score. Neither of those teams managed to put together many points in their previous game, so their meeting could be a low-scoring affair.

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