Football Game Recap: McGill-Toolen vs. Spanish Fort

Football Game Recap: McGill-Toolen vs. Spanish Fort

On Friday, McGill-Toolen faced Spanish Fort in a battle between two of the state’s top teams. McGill-Toolen steamrollered Spanish Fort 48-13. McGill-Toolen was expected to win, but the margin was definitely larger than the state rankings had forecast.

McGill-Toolen’s offense came in ready to rumble, picking up 20 points in the first half. Spanish Fort came up with 7 to put the score at 20-7. The offense for McGill-Toolen continued to do well in the second half, scoring another 28 points. This was the first game for both teams, giving McGill-Toolen a 1-0 record and starting Spanish Fort off at 0-1.

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