The best sport-specific activity trackers for baseball, golf, soccer, and more

The best sport-specific activity trackers for baseball, golf, soccer, and more

Why you’ll love it: ShotTracker’s auto-tracking function not only charts the number of jump shot attempts but also logs makes and misses, allowing you to see where on the court you’re the most accurate.

With an endorsement from Klay Thompson — one half of the Golden State Warriors’ Splash Brothers — the ShotTracker is already off to a good start. One of the best shooters in the NBA, Thompson’s involvement extends beyond merely putting his face on the box — he actually leads one of the companion app’s virtual basketball camps.

These camps, accessible by anyone within the ShotTracker community, give you the ability to participate in daily shooting challenges and compete against your friends. Some even put up prizes for the best shooters.

By utilizing a wrist sensor that attaches to a wristband or shooting sleeve and a net sensor, ShotTracker is capable of accurately tracking the number of jump shots you take, as well as your makes and misses. While the wrist sensor tracks quantity, the net sensor records quality and sends all that information to its companion app for analysis.

From there, you’re able to chart where exactly on the court you’re the most accurate and where you could use a bit of practice. This is where the app’s targeted workouts come into play, offering specific shooting drills anywhere on the court.

Perhaps its one downside is the fact the net sensor isn’t terribly durable — something a few Amazon customers have made note of several times. Considering the fact it attaches to a net and gets hit numerous times by a basketball, this makes sense, even if it is a little concerning.

Still, there just aren’t any similar jump shot-tracking devices capable of offering the suite of features ShotTracker does, making it the easy choice for anyone trying to improve their basketball game.

Pros: Accurately tracks jump shot attempts (makes and misses), offers more than 100 individual drills, companion app builds a heat map of where you’re most accurate, ShotTracker community features virtual camps run by pros, and suggests workouts to improve jump shot form

Cons: Net sensor isn’t very durable

Buy the ShotTracker on Amazon for $110.62