The Ringer's Soccer Watchability Rankings

The Ringer's Soccer Watchability Rankings

Everything you need to know about the most—and least—fun teams in Europe

Which European soccer team is the most fun to watch? Which team has the most boring style that somehow wins games? And which player acquisitions and managerial moves yield the most enchanting new dynamics for an already-powerful club?

Perhaps most importantly , which matches this season will be unexpected delights from a purely artful perspective? While they aren’t definitive by any means, these watchability scores will help determine the answers, as they’re based on four factors that collectively account for the sport’s main areas of action: dribbling, passing, defending, and shooting.

Every week, The Ringer will publish a new set of rankings for all 98 teams in Europe’s top five leagues. Check out last season’s rankings, as well as the live totals from this year below: