The Spoofers Guide to the World Cup – Spain

The Spoofers Guide to the World Cup – Spain

The rain there falls mainly in the plan apparently.

We know that not everyone that reads the Buzz pages are football fans.

We know that the summer is probably going to be hell for those that aren’t, with the biggest festival of football occurring. The World Cup is the event of 2018, sure to capture social media and everyone’s hearts – especially when England lose on penalties in the last 16.

But for those of you that don’t like football, but don’t want to miss out on the conversations in the pub or in work, here’s the BuzzSport Spoofers guide to the World Cup.

If you missed our preview of Group A, you can catch up here!

 We’ve already looked ahead to PortugalIran and Morocco from Group B – now we round off with the Spanish!

Have they World Cup pedigree?  They were champions of the world eight years ago in South Africa, which came sandwiched in between two European Championship wins. In Brazil four years ago though, they fell flat on their burro.

Are they any good now?  Yes. Unbeaten in qualifying and no loss in a game since the Euro 2016 round of 16 defeat to Italy.

Who’s in their group? No one that should worry them.

What names do you have to know? 

They have the evilest man in football.


diego costa

Apart from Diego Costa you’ve got David De Gea, David Silva and the best of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Real contenders to regain their crown.

What to say to your mates? ‘Tiki-taka was invented by these lads, not Pep!”

Could they win it?  Most definitely. They have far too much-attacking power and a rock solid defense to repeat their group stage exit in 2014. A mouthwatering game against Argentina could be in line in the quarterfinals should they both get there.