Top 20 Richest Soccer Clubs In The World

Top 20 Richest Soccer Clubs In The World

There has been a massive inflow of money in the sport of soccer over the past few years and because of it constantly gaining a lot of popularity around the world, some of the top teams have taken good advantage of it to increase their financial strength. Some soccer clubs have done superbly in making clever deals which have helped increase their fortunes and become valued at a huge amount. While the performances of the players also have a positive impact on the financial value of a club, the work done by the management and the behind-the-scenes officials plays a huge part in ensuring that a club keeps getting richer.

The only reason for such crazy money being thrown around in the soccer business is because of many clubs having increased wealth in recent years, and these clubs have made the most use of their popularity to further increase their net value. We’ve seen some of the top soccer clubs sign lucrative sponsorship deals with extremely wealthy organizations, who in turn pay them a lot of money to help advertise their name. But for some clubs, the unbelievable wealth of their owners is enough to give them a rich status, which in turn helps to attract the best soccer talents from around the world.

Most of these wealthy clubs have used cash-rich sponsorship deals and their healthy reputation to good use to further increase their financial strength and brand value. So let us have a look at the top 20 richest soccer clubs in the world right now.

20 Napoli


Napoli has been one of the top Italian soccer clubs for a few years now and last season took the league by storm with some stunning performances. While they narrowly missed out on the Serie A title and unluckily finished 2nd in the league, Napoli’s attractive gameplay and amazing performances helped improve their financial status by a long margin.

Napoli had a decent revenue of $219 million last season and are valued at an impressive $471 million as well!

They’ve worked hard to improve their brand-name and get a boost in their wealth in recent years and watching the way they’re making strides in Serie A, Napoli’s value will keep on increasing in the foreseeable future.

19 Leicester City


Leicester City might not have been able to retain its status as one of the Premier League’s top clubs ever since their astonishing achievement of winning the league a few years ago, but they’ve retained themselves as an attractive brand nonetheless. Their “fairytale” story helped put Leicester on the map and it also gave a huge boost to their financial well-being as well. Despite not being able to finish in the top spots in the Premier, Leicester is still quite the wealthy club who recorded $295 million in revenue last year.

They’re also valued at around $500 million,

proving how that one season of overwhelming success has turned them from a “small club” to a surprisingly rich one.

18 Inter Milan


Inter Milan might be recognized as one of Italy’s elite clubs, but they’ve been in quite the disarray in recent years because of a lack of a coherent management. Inter have fallen off the grid in Italian soccer, but a surprising qualification for the UEFA Champions League next season could help up their odds.

Despite the tumultuous phase, Inter has kept decent financial strength and are still valued at $606 million.

They managed a decent turnover of $285 million last season and their owners are doing well to keep Inter as a rather rich club. It seems like the club is finding its feet as a major Italian club once again and improved performances could further see their financial strength get stronger.

17 AC Milan


AC Milan has also gone through some topsy-turvy periods in recent years and their reputation for being “giants of European soccer” has really plummetted thanks to their inefficient outings in recent years. Milan were recently bought by a cash-rich owner, but after the owner became bankrupt himself, it seems like there’s more change in place for Milan. Despite their poor performances in the field and problems outside it, Milan have retained their place as one of the richest clubs in the world and still managed to earn $213 million last season.

They’re valued at $612 million

and knowing their financial power, Milan can use their riches to their advantage and slowly get back to the top of Italian soccer once again.

16 AS Roma


AS Roma r surprised many by progressing into the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League last season by pulling off an unbelievable win against Barcelona in the quarter-finals. Roma have consistently been in Serie A’s top 3 over the past few seasons and seen their brand grow because of their impressive performances.

Roma might’ve only earned a revenue of around $191 million last year, but they are still valued at a nice $618 million!

They’ve received a lot of money from transfers in recent years and the good work from their owners has seen them become one Italy’s richest clubs. Roma’s stock will only rise after their recent success and if they can maintain consistency, then their financial muscles will get even bigger.

15 Schalke 04


Schalke has been one of German soccer’s most celebrated clubs and they’ve maintained decent consistency in qualifying for the Champions League every season by finishing in the Bundesliga’s top 4. While they haven’t really won anything in a while, Schalke’s decent consistency has helped their brand and made them earn quite a lot of money as well.

Schalke had a revenue of $251 million last year and are valued at an impressive $707 million right now.

The German club might not like to show off by spending big money, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a rich club, as their finances have been flying high to make them one of the richest clubs in the world.

14 West Ham United


West Ham United has seen a resurgence in the club after a disappointing season in the Premier League, which has forced them to show off their financial muscles in the transfer window. West Ham has already spent almost close to $100 million in the summer transfer window to help bring in reinforcements and improve their squad. They’re actually a very rich club thanks to a wealthy owner in business Tycoon David Sullivan, who also helped them move to the lavish London Stadium.

West Ham recorded a revenue of $232 million last year and are valued at an impressive $754 million,

with their recent splurge of huge money proving just how wealthy they are as a club.

13 Atletico Madrid


Atletico Madrid’s rise over the past few years has proven how Real Madrid aren’t the only dominant soccer side from the Spanish capital and under manager Diego Simeone, Atletico have taken big strides forward in the past few years. Atletico most recently won the UEFA Europa League and added a European title to their collection. While Atletico might not “show off” that much, they are actually a very wealthy club which is proved by some of their expensive transfer dealings in recent years.

Atletico is valued at $848 million

and earned a revenue of $297 million last year and while they aren’t just as rich as their rivals Real Madrid, Atletico’s growing fortunes prove how rich they truly are.

12 Borussia Dortmund


Borussia Dortmund might’ve lost their place at the top of German soccer after the departure of Jurgen Klopp, but they’ve maintained a decent consistency at least finishing in the top three every season. Dortmund are mainstays in the UEFA Champions League and are recognized for playing some really attractive, free-flowing soccer which has made many fans fall in love with them. While Dortmund doesn’t like to reveal their riches to everyone, it’s been discovered that they are actually a pretty wealthy club themselves.

Dortmund earned $362 million last year and are valued at an amazing $901 million despite not looking that wealthy from the outside.

The attractive soccer has helped increase their brand value and make them one of Europe’s richest clubs.

11 Paris Saint-Germain


Paris Saint-Germain have really imposed themselves as one of the richest clubs in soccer with their amazing dealings in the past few years, where they’ve signed some of the best players in the world. PSG amazed everyone by signing Brazilian sensation Neymar for over $250 million last season and also French superstar Kylian Mbappe for a large fee. They’ve been recognized for spending heavily on players but despite all this massive spending, PSG isn’t really valued “that” highly.

They are valued at around $917 million, but had a revenue of almost $529 million last season!

Most of their massive cash is from their extremely rich owners, who have taken them to newer heights and helped them turn into one of Europe’s top clubs.

10 Tottenham Hotspur


Tottenham Hotspur’s overall growth as a club in recent years has been astonishing, as they’ve not only played some stunning soccer but also improved their riches at the same time. Spurs have earned many fans thanks to some of their amazing players and attractive soccer, with the likes of Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen dazzling everyone in the Premier League. Their success on the pitch has also paid dividends in improving their brand and increasing their riches as Spurs recorded a revenue of $387 million last year.

They are valued at around $1.2 billion and have slowly become an extremely wealthy club,

who now have the means to financially compete with the top clubs in the Premier as well.

9 Juventus


Juventus have been all over the headlines recently for securing the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo for over $100 million, in what is their biggest transfer ever! The Italian giants have won the Serie A title for the past 7 seasons and established complete dominance in Italy, where they are also the richest club. Juventus impressive performances over the years and ability to play at the highest level has resulted in a massive boost to their financial status.

They earned around $442 million last year and are valued at an amazing $1.4 billion right now.

It’s because of their wealthy stature that Juventus could pull off the signature of someone like Ronaldo, but this massive transfer will only help them become even richer in the future.

8 Liverpool


Liverpool amazed many with their scintillating soccer last season when they scored many goals thanks to their ruthless attack and even progressed into the finals of the UEFA Champions League. Liverpool’s stock has continued rising in recent years, which has allowed them to attain an elite financial strength.

Liverpool recorded a revenue of around $462 million last year and are valued at a staggering $1.9 billion.

Their ability to produce world-class players, who increase their brand value and also selling some of these players for a huge amount is consistently improving their wealth. It’s because of their amazing wealth that Liverpool have made some big-money transfers in recent years and their increasing brand value is making them richer with each passing year.

7 Chelsea


Chelsea have retained their place as one of soccer’s richest clubs for many years now, with Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich putting a lot of wealth into the club over the years. The Blues have prospered under the ownership of the Russian and taken strides to become one of the world’s most popular clubs in recent years, as they are loaded with world-class talents as well. Chelsea has spent a lot of money in recent years and flexed their financial muscles numerous times, just to prove how wealthy they are.

The Blues recorded a revenue of $466 million last year and are valued at $2 billion,

as these unbelievable riches will assuredly keep them among soccer’s richest clubs in years to come.

6 Arsenal


Arsenal might be going through a rough phase after failing to qualify for the UEFA Champions League for the second consecutive season and having to let go off long-standing manager Arsene Wenger for it. While the Gunners might be on the road to recovery, one thing Wenger ensured is that Arsenal’s financial strength would always be at a peak-level. Despite their unwillingness to spend big money, Arsenal are still a very rich club and earned $531 million in revenue despite being poor last year.

Arsenal is valued at $2.2 billion and are a very wealthy club right now,

but will have to flex their financial muscles and spend big to prove just exactly how discreetly rich they are.

5 Manchester City


Manchester City have solidified themselves as giants of the Premier League in recent seasons and their dominant title win last season proved just how strongly they’ve grown recently. Ever since being taken over by Abu Dhabi tycoon Khaldoon Al Mubarak, City have proven to be one of the richest clubs in Europe and have A LOT of money to spend. They’ve spent millions of dollars in signing the best players in recent years and there seems to be no limit to their spending thanks to the unbelievable amount of money of their owners.

City earned a revenue of $575 million last year and thanks to Al Mubarak’s work are valued at $2.4 billion right now,

proving just how filthy rich the club is.

4 Bayern Munich


Bayern Munich have ruled over German soccer for many decades now and are crowned the champions of Bundesliga almost every single season thanks to their superior squad and facilities. Bayern have remained a European Heavyweight for many years and their overwhelming success has resulted in them attaining peak financial strength as well.

Bayern are currently valued at almost $3 billion and earned a hefty revenue of $640 million last year as well.

The German giants earn a lot of money through sponsorships and their years of success has resulted in them become so filthy rich. Munich might not flaunt their wealth like some other clubs, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that they’re one of the richest soccer clubs right now.

3 Barcelona


Barcelona have become one of THE biggest soccer clubs in the world over the past few years, with the brand name of Lionel Messi and co being enough to get many eyes glued to their product. It’s because of their resounding success and popularity that Barcelona have also gained a lot of wealth in recent years and climbed the ladder of rich soccer clubs.

The Spanish giants earned almost $706 million last year and are currently valued at around $4 billion because of their incredible brand name.

The success brought on by the majestic Messi and their other world-class players has positively impacted their financial status and years of winning accolades has resulted in them becoming an extremely wealthy club.

2 Real Madrid


Real Madrid has asserted themselves as the absolute best in the world over the past few years and having won the UEFA Champions League three times in a row, Madrid have proven themselves to be a class above everyone else. A prime reason for Real’s success is their lavish wealth, which makes it easier for them to acquire the best players and build an unstoppable squad.

Thanks to work from President Florentino Perez, Madrid are currently valued at an amazing $4 billion and had a revenue of an impressive $735 million last year.

Their incredible success mirrors their extreme wealth as Los Blancos have amazingly retained their stature as one of the top-most richest brands in soccer.

1 Manchester United


Manchester United have always been among the biggest soccer clubs in the world, but in recent years have developed themselves into becoming the richest brand in the world. United might not have attained peak level of success after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, but they’ve utilized their popularity to become filthy rich.

United are currently the club with the highest value with almost $4.1 billion and also turned out to be the one to earn the most revenue by earning $737 last year.

United’s impressive brand value and ability to attract big-time sponsors has allowed them to make big-money signings, and the constant growth in wealth has made them the richest soccer club in the world right now.

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